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Go Green! As you undoubtable already know, East Lansing is the home to Michigan State University, and the Big 10 University's influence can be found throughout this bustling community. Sandwiched between Lansing and Okemos/Haslett, this community of just over 48,000 permanent residents is much more than undergrads and beer pong.

The Downtown area features coffee shops, yoga studios, restaurants, pubs, churches, and a variety of boutique shops. East Lansing has the most diverse housing options in the Greater Lansing area, with high-rise condos and apartments, townhomes, historic homes, single family homes, and modern subdivisions. East Lansing could also be considered the cultural center of Greater Lansing with the area's largest theater, the Spaceship-like Broad Art Museum, an Aquatic Center, Soccer Complex, Hannah Community Center, and much more. A local resident recently told me her favorite things about East Lansing are strolling to the Farmer's Market on Sunday, walking to football tailgates, and getting ice cream from the Dairy Store on campus. This is the only town in the Greater Lansing Area that can support a business called "Insomnia Cookies"..an entire business whose model is selling warm gooey cookies until 3 in the morning. If you are looking for cultural diversity, award winning schools, and warm gooey cookies...East Lansing just might be the place for you!

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